Our Work

GEOINT Analytics & Data Science

Our legacy is synthetic aperture (SAR) applications and the GEOINT data processing architectures that host these applications.  Our staff has years of expertise in high-speed, high-volume sensor data management, all built upon a solid foundation of complex system-of-systems engineering.  We understand workflows for managing multi-sensor processing on dedicated or cloud-based architectures.  We understand not only how to create GEOINT data products, but also how to exploit these products for providing the necessary information to decision makers.


PSG experience in GEOINT analytics & data science has created new opportunities for characterizing sensor-based systems used in defense and commercial energy grid management.


Complex System-of-Systems Engineering, Modeling & Simulation

Our competencies at engineering complex multi-source sensor processing systems are the basis for our expertise in quantifying system performance through modeling & simulation.  Just as detailed models of complex data processing algorithms are implemented in discrete-event simulators for characterizing processing throughput performance that meets cost constraints, similar approaches allow us to estimate the performance of defensive missile systems under various threat scenarios … or to characterize the varying demands for power generation across large commercial electrical grids composed of traditional and renewable power sources.


Machine Learning & Automated Image Exploitation

Our long experience in creating images from sensor data for assisting decision makers has encouraged us to pursue emerging technologies in machine learning and automated image exploitation.  We are pursing approaches that allow scene “objects” and “non-objects” of interest, or scene “changes” and “non-changes” of interest, to be automatically discerned ahead of machine learning for classifying scene content.