Our Company

Prime Solutions Group, Incorporated is a systems and software engineering company that innovates in complex systems solutions.  The company seeks software solutions in a world dominated by systems in motion driven by Big Data and advanced analytics.  With specialists in signal processing, data analytics, systems science and data science, we embrace the most challenging problems facing global enterprises and mankind today.  Our deep experience across the lifecycle with large defense acquisition and research programs, we apply systems thinking and leading-edge Information Technology to get at new solutions where new techniques, methods and tools are necessary.

PSG has current initiatives in the following domains.

Major Subcontract Areas of Expertise 

• Radar Signal Processing Algorithm developments in advanced Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems

• Software Command and Control

Scientific Technology Transfer Research Topics

• Uncertainty Quantification in Complex System of Systems Modeling and Simulation Environments

• Modeling and Simulation for Design, Development, Testing and Evaluation of Autonomous Multi-Agent Models (Trust Agents)

• Review and Evaluation of Contractor System Designs and Analyses

• Big Data Analytics

Systems and Software Capabilities

• Support Integration, Configuration and Interface Control Reviews

• Perform rigorous requirements analysis on complex programs

• Support the customer’s consolidation objectives through the specification of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and other leading-edge technologies

• Monitor hardware and software development on complex programs

• Monitor system integration activities on production programs and maintain a critical understanding of their operational capabilities and vulnerabilities

• Support Operational transitions and operations concepts development and validation activities

• Create plans and processes that leverage existing capabilities and which can evolve into new system functions

• Develop the ground interface engineering plans required for mission and product development that includes data storage and data fusion