Products & Services

The primary goal of PSG is to provide the government and its Defense contractors with the consulting expertise to achieve “Mission Success” and to perform a cost effective acquisition of all Aerospace assets that support the program. The PSG team is comprised of individuals experienced with the entire program life cycle process on several “high profile” classified systems. PSG employees will leverage their experience to provide critical support for ground system architectural reviews, ground system design reviews, interface design reviews, hardware and software integration and test activities, anomaly resolutions, and all program management tasks.

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. supplies engineering services and support to customers. Big data infrastructure and analytics offered by PSG can be applied to domains including cyber security, health care, energy, banking, transportation, government, and aerospace, to guide the process in turning data into decision-quality information for decision-makers. As a result of industry collaboration and grant funded research, we currently offer the following skills and services:

Big Data Infrastructure Services & Support

  • Apache Hadoop Distributed File System HDFS
  • Apache Mesos & YARN Distributed Resource Management
  • Apache Spark Distributed Computing
  • Apache Zeppelin Big Data Analytics Development Portal
  • Apache NiFi Data Flow Governance
  • neo4j Graph Database Modeling & Query Devleopment

Analysis Applications and Software Products

  • Smart Meter Data Analytics: Residential Home Daily Anomaly Detection
  • Solar Generation Data Analytics: Solar Array Farm Prediction using Irradiance data
  • Modeling & Simulation: Distribution System Photovoltaic Penetration with OpenDSS
  • Modeling & Simulation: Residential House Load Generation with GridLAB-D
  • Schema Modeling utilizing Common Information Model Standards IEC 61970, 61968
  • Webpage Development for Turnkey Software System Development and Support



PSG also extends it’s capabilities into more specialized technical support by utilizing subcontractors and consultants that have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Program Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Concept of Operations development
  • Requirements Definition development
  • Independent Trade Studies
  • Computer and network modeling and simulation
  • Hardware and software performance benchmarking
  • Reliability, Availability, and Survivability (RAS) analysis
  • Development, Acceptance and Qualification Testing
  • Hardware and Software Integration support
  • Procedure and Data Reviews
  • Anomaly Resolution at customer production sites

IBM Solutions

Our Certified IBM Business Partnership provides the ability to offer our customers world class enterprise tools and techniques from IBM, the global leader in complex system and software solutions. Click here to find out more.