Our Company

PSG: Systems engineering solutions for the 21st century.

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. (PSG) is a professional engineering services company with a legacy in Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) technology. Leveraging deep experience and expertise in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, core skills in complex system-of-systems engineering, and cutting-edge applied research and development in image-based machine learning, PSG helps solve the 21st century challenges faced by both private industry and government organizations.

Our roots trace back to Carl Wiley and the Goodyear Aircraft Company that first patented synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in 1951. The Goodyear Aircraft Company eventually developed into Loral Defense Systems and Lockheed Martin IS&GS. Many of the experts at PSG have Lockheed Martin pedigrees.

As a small business with minimal overhead, PSG has the experience and agility to rapidly and affordably tackle customers’ needs in today’s challenging and increasingly complex environments.