On-Demand Webinar: Cutting Edge Employee Injury Prevention Solutions

On-Demand Webinar: Cutting-Edge Employee Injury Prevention Solutions

If your team members are consistently in high-stress situations, such as saving lives or performing mission-critical tasks, the risk of employee fatigue leading to employee injury is greatly increased.

Those workpace injuries cost billions of dollars each year.

Discover cutting-edge biosensor solutions to increase workplace safety and reduce injuries at our upcoming webinar: Cutting-Edge Employee Injury Prevention Solutions.

Prime Solutions Group (PSG) is an industry leader in systems engineering and data science and is advancing biometric technologies that help preserve safety in the workplace. Our graphene wearable devices leverage real-time data to detect employee fatigue in the workplace to support employee injury prevention.

When you can react to fatigue signs in real time, you will be able to preserve team integrity and minimize injuries while carrying out your mission.

Attend this webinar to discover how biosensor data and our pilot program can help you detect and react to employee fatigue before it causes problems.

About our Speaker

Cory Spintig

Cory Spintig, M.S.E.E. (University of Southern California, 1988). Mr. Spintig has extensive experience in engineering analysis, signal processing, and software development for complex defense and space systems.  His medical research projects have included the development of unique biomedical sensors, instrumentation, and signal analysis for use in commercial medical devices and applications.  

The experts at PSG are experienced thought leaders and innovators in systems engineering, R&D, biosensors and data science. Contact us today to talk about your business needs.

About Prime Solutions Group

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. (PSG) is a professional engineering services company. Leveraging deep experience and expertise in biosensors, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing, and digital engineering, PSG helps solve the 21st-century challenges private industry and government organizations face.

The experts at PSG are experienced thought leaders and innovators in systems engineering, R&D, and data science.

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