Today’s Solutions: Systems

Experts in large scale systems engineering solutions.

With a legacy in the ISR system lifecycle, the team at PSG has years of experience in systems engineering, system-of-systems design, implementation and validation, and leadership on large scale, high-volume systems. We can help engineer the right systems solution for your needs.

ISR Systems

Our legacy is rooted in the Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) lifecycle, and our staff has been intimately involved in ISR sensors and data processing for almost 40 years. We trace our legacy to the original 1951 patent on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) by Carl Wiley of Goodyear Aerospace. Our expertise began with analytics for forming SAR images and, over the years, has expanded to designing, integrating, and sustaining complex enterprise architectures for processing and exploiting sensor data.

  • Integration of complex system components for deployment
  • Enterprise architecture design, integration, & sustainment
  • Analytics R&D
  • Data processing workflows
  • System security
  • System operations

Our legacy is rooted in the Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance lifecycle.
Our smart grid system work applies software systems to analyzes performance of distribution grids.

Smart Grid Systems

Our work in smart grid systems applies software systems expertise to analyze performance of distribution grids and their components. Our ecosystem of tools and techniques developed during research projects allow us to drive data-intensive studies to give decision makers the insight they need. This infrastructure includes unique combinations of simulation-driven statistical inference methods and other data analysis techniques for characterization of real and simulated smart grid systems.

Complex System Modeling and Simulation

Our competencies at engineering complex multi-source sensor processing systems are the basis for our expertise in quantifying system performance through modeling and simulation. Just as detailed models of complex data processing algorithms are implemented in discrete-event simulators for characterizing processing throughput performance that meets cost constraints, similar approaches allow us to estimate the performance of defensive missile systems under various threat scenarios, or to characterize the varying demands for power generation across large commercial electrical grids composed of traditional and renewable power sources.

Expertise in engineering complex multi-source sensor systems, quantifying system performance.