December 1, 2021   |   Systems and Software

Part 2: What are we trying to do? In Part 1 of this blog by the same title, I attempted to lay out a grand scheme for a series of brilliantly crafted posts. That was August and now it is December so the brilliance has dimmed, but the spirit is still there. I ended Part […]

September 27, 2021   |   ISR, Systems and Software

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). I saw the LinkedIn traffic that announced Tom Ager’s book, The Essentials of SAR, was published and available. I immediately ordered two copies for Prime Solutions Group, Inc. One for myself and the other for distribution among our SAR engineers. Having known and worked with Tom over the past 20 years, […]

August 31, 2021   |   Systems and Software

All businesses develop, integrate, deploy, and use innovative technology. If a business isn’t innovating, it is likely going out of business or suffering because the competitors are. This series of articles is intended to summarize the system software development process evolution at Prime Solutions Group, Inc. (PSG). The challenges are daunting, but must be embraced […]

February 3, 2021   |   Blog

This book, released in 2019, came highly recommended through the INCOSE Systems and Software Integration Working Group (SaSI WG). Richard Fairley, the author, shares his deep expertise and experience developing what he calls Software Enabled Systems (SESs). He continues by pointing out that most systems developed today fall into the category of a SES. What […]

February 3, 2021   |   Blog

As a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) System of Systems Working Group (SoSWG), I was asked to present during a monthly webinar about SoS – “What’s in it for me/” I was asked to present this topic because I brought up this question during the International Symposium in 2017 during a […]

February 3, 2021   |   Blog

Interesting SenSIP seminar featuring associate professor from CIDSE (John and Erik’s alma mater). An interdisciplinary perspective that hopefully continues. Notice application of formal requirements using S-TaLiRo (System’s TemporAl LogIc Robustness). Here is the reality. The world in motion around us is no longer about a better sensor, algorithm, data or thing. Those are commodities. The […]

February 3, 2021   |   Blog

We at PSG continue to learn more about the challenges facing the global electric utility industry. The problem is that the smart grid is a complicated collection of things (Internet of Things – IoT) that influence how the grid performs and behaves dynamically under a variety of conditions. Consider the impact of rooftop solar. As […]

February 3, 2021   |   Blog

Just leaving the Air Force Association Aerospace, Space & Cyber (ASC) Convention held at the Gaylord Conference Center, Wash DC. I’ve attended 10 of these conferences in the past 12 years. My overriding objective for involvement with AFA is twofold: Support a dominant U.S.  Air Force Business development I rejoined AFA in 2004 after retiring […]