Digital Engineering for Aerospace and Defense

Unleash business value with Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for complex system lifecycle management.

We understand your challenges in transforming your enterprise to be competitive in this fast-changing world.

PSG has solved challenges for aerospace and defense supply chain customers for over 15 years.

Develop Better Engineering Solutions

Develop better engineering solutions faster, more accurately, and less expensively than ever.

Create Digital Twins

Be able to create digital twins to speed R&D, testing, prototyping, troubleshooting, and automation.

Drive Innovation & Growth

Better engineering drives reusable solutions and business value for competitive success.

What is Digital Engineering?

Digital Engineering is the construction of digital models representing every characteristic of a complex system to be developed.

Digital engineering leverages digital twins to simulate the operating behavior of products and processes in design. The digital twin stores and contextualizes data from multiple sources in a way that engineers, operators, and decision-makers can understand to help improve troubleshooting, testing, prototyping, engineering, and decision-making.

  • Current engineering methods are limited, not comprehensive, or tied to operational environments.
  • MBSE isn’t fully integrated into the industry, but Government buyers are demanding it.
  • The engineering process takes too long, does not scale, and is too expensive.
  • DOD and Commercial Systems
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems
  • Biomedical Systems
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Space/Ballistic Missile Systems

With Prime Solutions Group, Inc you will

  • AVOID being outpaced by competitors
  • AVOID engineering team misses with emerging requirements
  • AVOID missing product or process deliveries
  • AVOID losing customers because your company can’t keep up
  • AVOID design that takes too long, is too expensive
  • AVOID compliance issues with end operating environments

Prime Solutions Group Offers

  • Training in how to future-proof solutions, so you don’t become obsolete.
  • Help with digital engineering ecosystems, and services for better, faster results.
  • A consultative and service-oriented approach.
  • Help with options for tools and environments in the cloud.
  • Architects to help you leverage a digital engineering environment.
  • Help for your team in evolving to a digital mindset.
  • Digital engineering expertise and program development.

The PSG Assurance Plan

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Improve the Utility and Profitability of Your Data


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Improve the Utility and Profitability of Your Data

The Prime Solutions Group Promise

Better Insights. Trusted Solutions.

  • Transformation to a new way of thinking, approaching, and managing system lifecycles.
  • Magnifies your engineering footprint for the entire lifecycle of the system.
  • Massively improved system lifecycle development and knowledge retention.

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