Save Lives, Missions, and Revenue by Predicting & Adjusting to Individual Bio-Sensor Data

We understand the challenges your people have in responding to high-stress, combat, mission-critical, or life-saving work. The physical and mental capabilities associated with work tasks are of critical importance.

Prime Solutions Group and Arizona State University offer biometric, graphene, wearable, medical devices, and sensor intelligence systems that collect, monitor, and predict real-time physiological data assessment to aid in search and rescue, law enforcement, warfighters’, divers, and other demanding professionals’ operational health, performance, and readiness and safety.

Real-Time Data

Receive real-time physiological data about an individual’s performance. Examples, heart rate, stability, fatigue


Derive useful, actionable intelligence from the bio-sensor system.

Predict and Adjust for Performance Issues

Observing the data from the wearable device(s), you will be able to predict and react to declines in performance and readiness.

With Prime Solutions Group, Inc you will

  • AVOID having personnel hurt themselves as they become fatigued and/or compromised
  • AVOID lapses in performance that cause missions to fail
  • AVOID work strain that may injure professionals, bystanders, patients, or teammates
  • AVOID lapses in performance that compromise your organization’s work, purpose and impact
  • AVOID overexertion, injury, physical limitations, fall accidents, etc

Wearable and sensor data can predict and allow leaders to respond to performance issues across civil and military roles

Our biometric graphene medical devices and sensor data systems deliver real-time physiological intelligence to help professionals maintain mental aptitude, operational health, performance, and readiness.

Industry applications include:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • EMTs and Trauma Doctors
  • Astronauts/Civil Human Space Flight
  • Commercial Pilots and Air Traffic Control Personnel
  • Fire Fighters
  • Oil & Gas – Professional Divers
  • Performance Athletes
  • Manufacturing Workers
  • Warehouse Employees
  • Training Exercises
  • Warfighters
  • Military Pilots
  • Forward Air Traffic Control
  • Surveillance/Reconnaissance Personnel
  • Professional Divers
  • Special Forces
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical Personnel

The PSG Assurance Plan

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Improve the Utility and Profitability of Your Data


Request a Consultation


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Improve the Utility and Profitability of Your Data

The Prime Solutions Group Promise

Better Insights. Trusted Solutions.

  • Actionable insights that save lives and improve performance
  • Work with a company that understands sensor data better than anyone
  • Take advantage of next-generation medical devices, AI, Machine Learning, and cloud infrastructure to better solve performance issues
  • Gain the flexibility of working with an agile group of expert engineers
  • Leverage the expertise of software engineers trusted by military and defense industry leaders

About Prime Solutions Group Experts

Prime Solutions Group, Inc. (PSG) is a professional engineering services company with expertise in sensor processing, complex system-of-systems engineering, and cutting-edge applied research and development. PSG helps solve the 21st-century challenges faced by both private industry and government organizations.

ASU Expertise

  • Reduction in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Quasi-Active Prosthetic Ankle System
  • Non-Intrusive Multi-Patient Fall-Risk Monitoring in Health Care Facilities
  • Effects of Vitamin D3 on Muscle function, Stability, Gait, and Activity in Assisted Living Residents
  • Locomotion Research Laboratory
  • Gait Laboratory
  • Virtual Reality Laboratory
  • 3D motion-capture system
  • Instrumented split-belt treadmill
  • Xsens is 3D motion tracking
  • Trigno™ Wireless Systems and Smart Sensors
  • Jamar Grip Strength Dynamometer
  • AMTI’s AccuGait Optimized™
  • Computation algorithms, virtual reality, $ 1 million system for computation

Created by Experts

Dwayne Boxwell, Chief Product Officer

Dwayne Boxwell is Chief Product Officer (CPO) for Prime Solutions Group, Inc (PSG). In this role, he is accountable for the company’s strategy, formulation, development and cross-functional delivery of the PSG product roadmap.
Prior to his role overseeing PSG technology products and platforms, Mr. Boxwell was the Division Chief Engineer for Lockheed Martin’s Command & Control, Computers, Communications, and Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C4ISR) market segment. In this senior leadership position, he was responsible for $410M per year in technology product strategy, development, deployment and support across a global enterprise of 283 product programs, allocations and technology decisions for all division R&D budgets, and continuous business unit growth through new and enhanced product offerings. Prior to his Division Chief role, Mr. Boxwell held numerous management and leadership roles within Lockheed Martin including Software Architect, Chief Architect, Engineering Program Manager, Senior Program Manager, and Portfolio Program Manager within the C4ISR domain.
Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Boxwell held both technical and leadership positions at Hughes Aircraft Corporation and Hughes Danbury Optical Systems working in sensor development, remote sensing systems, processing, analytics, and enterprise system domains.
Mr. Boxwell is a proven leader with more than 29 years of experience in leading and managing diverse product portfolios and strategies, and in working closely with other executive leaders to achieve company objectives. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science and an MS degree in Technical Management.

Thurmon Lockhart, Ph.D

Professor Lockhart’s research and publications concern the identification of injury mechanisms and quantification of sensorimotor deficits and movement disorders associated with aging and neurological disorders in fall accidents. He is grounded in biomechanical modeling, nonlinear dynamical systems, human postural control, and gait mechanics. He is focused on providing unique clinical solutions to prevent injury.

PSG Facilities

  • 8000+ Square Feet SCIF lab and office space
  • Classified IT Infrastructure and Connectivity
  • Unclassified CMMC Compliant IT Infrastructure

ASU Facilities

  • The Locomotion Research Lab
  • Space and equipment to enable non-invasive measurements of biomechanical, neural control, metabolic, cardiorespiratory variables
  • Gait lab for kinematic and kinetic analysis