Part 2: What are we trying to do?

In Part 1 of this blog by the same title, I attempted to lay out a grand scheme for a series of brilliantly crafted posts. That was August and now it is December so the brilliance has dimmed, but the spirit is still there. I ended Part 1 with the suggestion that I would answer the question about “What are We Trying to Do?” in an upcoming blog so here goes.

What I am trying to do is chart the business growth of PSG in an understandable way so that everyone at the company is on the same page and moving in the same direction. That means it is incumbent on me to lay out that path and co-opt others into getting on that same path.

PSG is a technology company and an interesting place to be in the fast moving Information Age. However, we are not unique in the stages of business growth as described by Churchill and Lewis in their seminal work from the Harvard Business Review (1983). The Business Roadmap graphic above is PSG’s forward path toward and through Resource Optimization, the 5th and final stage of small business growth. The roadmap shows the key elements overlaid on a timeline consistent with growth objectives and business owner succession planning.

Reaching the PSG Vision of a high value business capable of anticipating solutions for customers demands not only that the business processes are continually maturing, but also that the engineering and technical processes are maturing in step. The objective is one model that integrates both business and technical processes. If we are going to work, why not work in an environment that smartly integrates managing the business with the programmatic and technical aspects into one iterative lifecycle process? This is the only way to develop a sustainable (repeatable) business model that delivers extreme value.

I’ll do my best to support the rationale above with the specifics of our maturing model in future articles.